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Deferred GivingNCPH continues to grow as young historians bring their vision to the field, while the first and second generations of public historians are retiring or entering the mature years of their professional lives.Many of the latter have experienced significant professional success and have benefited from the consolidation of purpose the NCPH provides.Joining the Legacy Circle of the NCPH returns the gift of permanency to an organization that has not only provided an intellectual foundation for professional development, but also a home for public history practitioners.Joining the Legacy Circle now is timely. Having seen budget cuts in state governments across the country, we know we can do more to guarantee support for the editorial and executive offices. Also, NCPH is growing and will require more administrative support, not less.The Legacy Circle invites donors who will pledge significant in-hand or deferred donations. NCPH already has received pledges totaling nearly $200,000 in deferred gifts. More are needed to ensure the organization can continue to serve public historians for decades to come...Please contact the executive director (317/ 274-2716 or for information about supplying NCPH with a letter of intent or to learn more about the Legacy Circle giving levels and their benefits..The Legacy Circle invites donors who will pledge significant in-hand or deferred donations to ensure the organization can continue to serve public historians for decades to come.  There are two Legacy Circle “rings.”  The Supporter Ring includes individuals who pledge deferred donations or donate between $10,000 and $25,000.  The Sustainer Ring includes individuals who pledge deferred donations or donate above $25,000.  In gratitude for contributions at these levels, NCPH will provide benefits such as the following:For the Supporter Ring

  • Acknowledgement (unless anonymity is requested) in NCPH publications and on the website
  • Burnished bronze “Legacy Circle” pin
  • Invitation to a special reception at each annual meeting
  • Invitation to participate in long-term planning for NCPH

For the Sustainer Ring

All of the above, plus:

  • Burnished bronze “Legacy Circle” pin with inset pearls
  • Complimentary one-year membership in NCPH
  • Three one-year gift memberships in NCPH for the Sustainer to share with students, new professionals, or others who will help the expand the NCPH circle

Making Legacy Gifts
There are many ways to make significant donations to NCPH, an official United States tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization.  Here are some examples:

Outright Gifts

These can be gifts of money or of personal property, for a charitable deduction based on the full market value of the gifts.

These are gifts of a specified amount or portion of an estate after death, allowing control over the asset during one’s lifetime. Here is some sample language for a will.

Retirement Assets
Residual retirement assets after death can be assigned to NCPH.

Charitable Gift Annuities
These are contracts under which NCPH, in return for a transfer of cash, securities, real estate or other assets, agrees to pay the donor a fixed annual income for his or her lifetime, enabling security for both parties to the contract.

Real Estate Gifts
These are gifts of real property no longer needed or used, enabling reduction or elimination of capital gains tax.

There are additional ways to effect long-term or deferred donations.  Consulting an estate accountant or attorney to craft a donation suitable to your circumstances is advised




Thank you for considering a charitable contribution to the NCPH endowment fund. Your support enables the NCPH to achieve its mission–promoting professionalism among history practitioners and their engagement with the public. The primary purpose of the NCPH endowment is to generate earned income that can be used to augment NCPH services to its members and the profession.

Please click here to make an online contribution via our secure credit card processing site today. To print a contribution form to submit by mail, click here.

Endowment support from members and friends provides income that makes possible many of our activities throughout the year. Endowment contributions help make our conference bigger and better each year, enable us to revamp our website and enhance member services, fund advocacy and outreach activities, and most important, support awards that bring students and new professionals to our conference and recognize outstanding scholarship and innovation in public history practice.

There is more NCPH can do with your help. We can

  • Fund efforts to make the organization more racially and ethnically diverse
  • Support additional travel to the annual meeting for international participants
  • Increase travel support for new professionals
  • Provide workshops for public historians at every career level
  • Maintain the record-setting attendance and wide variety of resources at our recent annual meetings while covering the resulting increases in conference expenses

Your donation will enable NCPH’s committees, staff, and board of directors to create outstanding programs, connect the community of public historians, and better serve students and practitioners of public history now and into the future.

Ours is an ambitious agenda, but then NCPH has been an ambitious organization since its creation in 1980. For three decades NCPH has been dedicated to helping history practitioners engage with the public to create better histories, encourage widespread appreciation for the past, and foster greater historical understanding. Our work as public historians is as important as ever in making sense of events shaping the world today. We are counting on you to show your appreciation for all that public history is and what NCPH does for our profession and our community.

With your help we will continue to build NCPH’s ability to offer leadership in what remains an exciting and expanding field.

If you would like to help to continue building the endowment, click here to donate online. NCPH is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, and your contribution may be tax deductible. If you would like to make an off-line contribution or have any questions, please contact us directly at 317.274.2716 or by email at

Thank you for your support!

A challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities makes possible our expanding awards program and other uses of earned income on the NCPH endowment. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Digital Integration Fund



NCPH is building a digital public history hub, an exciting new place that is bringing together tools and resources, networks and people, publications and projects, and we need your help.

At the 2013 annual meeting in Ottawa, we announced the launch of the Digital Integration Fund (DIF) campaign to raise $85,000 to support the design, programming, and production expenses for the growing digital publishing and communications effort built around The Public Historian, History@Work, and the Public History Commons.

Click here to see our vision for expanding the Public History Commons and integrating it with our journal and social media outlets. Public history practitioners, scholars, and their many publics are using NCPH’s digital structures—already 10,000 unique visitors a month go to History@Work. But we have reached the limits of our in-house capabilities. NCPH and its small staff, volunteer media editors, and other publishing partners need to engage programmers and designers who have the expertise to create infrastructure for a virtual library on the Commons, and craft new tools for critical reflection, peer review, and professional communication. We need your support today to bring this vision to life.

Please help make a DIF by giving online now.


Annual Fund



Contributions to the Annual Fund help cover the general operating expenses of NCPH and its programs.


Gift Memberships

Support NCPH and help grow the field of public history by supporting a budding public historian with the gift of membership in NCPH.  Available in the Student, New Professional, and Individual categories, a gift membership comes with all of the standard benefits as well as a connection to a network of over 1,000 public historians.