Conference Materials

This is a page for materials generated during and after the 2017 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

If you would like to contribute notes, storifiys, blogposts, photos, or other items, email us at [email protected]

  • The conference hashtag was #ncph2017.  Here it is on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
  • Check out our photos from the week at (Thank you to all the volunteers who photographed throughout the conference!)


  • S2. Campus Historians in the Middle: Navigating Controversial and Contested Campus Histories —  Notes from 2016 working group and Storify from 2016 Working Group updated after S2. in 2017 by Monica L. Mercado
  • S5. Doing Prison Public History: Example and Challenges Storified by Julie Peterson
  • S7. Historians Under Pressure: Self-censorship and Worse in a Time of Change  Storified by Marla Miller
  • S16. Public History 101: Teaching Public History when Undergrads Are the Audience Storified— by Abby Gautreau
  • S17. Teaching and Learning for Cultural Competency in the Profession Storified by Amber Mitchell
  • S28. Race, Heritage, and Community Memory in Circle City Storified by Abby Gautreau
    – Corresponding blog mentioned in the discussion 
  • S56. Tellling Histories of Radicalism in Less-Than Radical Places Storified by Monica L. Mercado


  • WG1. Meeting in the Middle: Community Engagement in a Digital World Discussion questions and notes— by Ash Braunecker and Angelica Bullock
  • WG4. Establishing History Communication as its Own Field of StudyStorified by Marla Miller


  • “Meeting in the Middle: A  Report on the 2017 Meeting of the National Council on Public History” — post meeting recap by Emily Esten on The Way of Improvement Leads Home.
  • “Institutional Authority and the Value of History in  a Time of Uncertainty” — post meeting reflection by Nick Sacco.
  • “Reflecting on NCPH2017” post meeting reflection by Andrew McGregor
  • “Reflections on NCPH2017” — post meeting reflections from UMass Public History Students


  • Reflection on Indiana Historical Society’s History Lab (Opening Reception) blog post by Hannah Hethmon
  • W4. THATCamp Notes and resources
  • W8. Strategize Me! Personal Career Planning for Mid-Career ProfessionalsPPT presentation and handout from Anne Ackerson and Marianne Bez.
  • Radical Roots Mini-Symposium Storified by Abby Gautreau
    – Collaborative group notes from Radical Roots at