• NCPH believes that a diverse range of voices and perspectives is critical to a successful conference. To that end, the 2018 Program Committee chairs have at their disposal a modest discretionary fund to be used for the purposes of building a more diverse and inclusive annual meeting. In the past, this funding has been used to provide assistance with registration fees, exhibit booths to local organizations, and financial support for events at the conference itself.To be considered for a portion of this funding, please fill out the form below. Each person seeking individual funds (for registration or travel) must fill out their own form, but one person may submit on behalf of a group if interested in exhibiting or holding an event.
  • Contact Information

  • If unaffiliated, indicate this with "independent historian" or "independent filmmaker."
  • Use of Funds

    Please let us know what your need is and what your intended use of funding assistance would be.
  • Please describe your intended participation in the 2018 conference in a few sentences or less. Are you involved in an accepted session, workshop, or working group? Do you wish to exhibit in our exhibit hall?
  • Please describe your need in a few sentences or less. Are you seeking a deferment of registration costs? Assistance with travel costs? Funding for materials for your session? Please note that funding assistance will rarely exceed $250 per individual, in order to help this fund benefit as many people as possible.
  • These funds have been specifically designated for increasing diversity and inclusion at the annual meeting. This includes racial and ethnic diversity, but also professional diversity and regional/geographic diversity. How would providing you with supplementary funding satisfy this criteria?