Makeover in progress: New NCPH website coming soon

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History@Work will become more visually integrated with the main NCPH website. Design draft supplied by NCPH.

[email protected] will become more visually integrated with the main NCPH website. Design draft supplied by NCPH.

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new National Council on Public History website and [email protected] blog this fall! The new site will reflect who we are as an organization: a vibrant, active, and approachable community.

Phase One of the project will be a redesign of the NCPH website. The same valuable content found on the current website will be easier to find, share, and interact with, and will be accessible across a variety of devices. The site will now be a user-friendly gateway to valuable resources on public history practice, training, and scholarship.

Yes, we'll become more mobile friendly! Design draft supplied by NCPH.

Yes, we’ll become more mobile friendly! Design draft supplied by NCPH.

Phase Two of the updated NCPH website will be the integration of the [email protected] blog and Public History Commons with the main site. Launched in the spring of 2012, the Public History Commons has served as a kind of sandbox where we’ve experimented with new kinds of content and communications, including the now-well-established blog. Now that we have a clearer sense of how this more dynamic site can fit within our overall cluster of publications and platforms, it seems like the time to bring it further under the NCPH umbrella.

[email protected] will have a stand-alone presence within the NCPH site, while the Public History Commons will recede into the background but continue to be accessible as a space for new and occasional digital projects. Look for a new [email protected] homepage that echoes the NCPH site but also maintains the blog’s own identity (that’s a draft of the [email protected] homepage at the top of this post).

Thank you to all of our members and supporters who have ensured this important update to our digital presence. Your contributions to the Digital Integration Fund (DIF) have made this redesign a reality. In addition, you’ve given us lots of feedback about what works and what doesn’t, and we are using this information to inform our decisions. A focus group of over 30 members and friends, representing the wide range of the NCPH community, is weighing in on the design and navigation of the site as we progress. Finally, we are grateful to Arizona State University, which has provided design and hosting support.

The redesign of NCPH publications began last year with a refreshed membership brochure and annual meeting Program cover. Members will notice that the current issue of Public History News, hitting mailboxes soon, is another step in this process. This effort to present a unified design—matching who we are as an organization—is essential to aligning our identity across communication channels and is an ongoing process that will continue in the coming months. We hope the new continuity of design will strengthen our role as a central voice of the public history profession, and we look forward to hearing your feedback as the new designs go live.

Look for the launch of the new website soon!

~ Christine Crosby, Membership Coordinator, Stephanie Rowe, Interim Executive Director, and Cathy Stanton, Digital Media Editor

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    Please include me in your database for emails from your new website. Thank you.

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