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2018 annual meeting

Cold War legacies: Preservation and use at historic sites

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Nuclear bomb blast near Frenchman Flats, Nevada, 1957. Photo Credit: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Special Collections, Manis Collection

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of pieces  focused on Las Vegas and its regional identity which will be posted before and during the NCPH Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in April. Read More

Disrupting institutional power: Imagining a regional model for public history education

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NCPH Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, 2017. Photo credit: NCPH

As the number of public history programs continues to grow, public history educators compete for students, grants, and partners. We flood cultural organizations with interns and redundant projects. Budgetary uncertainty forces educators working in state systems to make competing claims of primacy and excellence, pitting our programs against one another. Read More