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2018 NCPH Annual Meeting topic proposals are in!

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At the beginning of May, NCPH opened up our Call for Proposals for the 2018 annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the theme “Power Lines.” The theme is apt for a conference in Vegas, and especially timely in the current political climate as we evaluate how power shapes our professional and personal lives—and what power we might have as public historians to shape the future. Read More

Plugging into “Power Lines”: New ideas and tips for panel proposals

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H is for History. A look at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons

When we agreed to chair the program committee for the 2018 NCPH annual meeting, we were determined to develop a conference that reflected the richness of the field but also addressed, with a sense of urgency, pressing questions about the profession’s relationship to the public. Read More

Challenging the exclusive past / Challenging my inclusive past


Baltimore Inner Harbor. Photo courtesy Priya Chhaya

Baltimore Inner Harbor. Photo credit: Priya Chhaya

My daily job at the National Trust for Historic Preservation doesn’t involve day-to-day interaction with the broader public. Rather I am a historiographer, in that in my work as a content manager for preservation professionals, I am constantly thinking about the methodology of history–how we protect, communicate, and talk about the past. Read More