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Challenging the exclusive past / Challenging my inclusive past


Baltimore Inner Harbor. Photo courtesy Priya Chhaya

Baltimore Inner Harbor. Photo credit: Priya Chhaya

My daily job at the National Trust for Historic Preservation doesn’t involve day-to-day interaction with the broader public. Rather I am a historiographer, in that in my work as a content manager for preservation professionals, I am constantly thinking about the methodology of history–how we protect, communicate, and talk about the past. Read More

Consultants and the NCPH annual meeting


NCPH 2016 logoThis year’s conference promises to be one of the best in recent memory. The public history offerings in Baltimore are world class and offer plenty of temptations to draw us away from the conference. Consultants and attendees interested in consulting should find this year’s partnership with the Society for History in the Federal Government a particular draw. Read More

NCPH 2016 workshop: Putting theory into practice: Making your case for promotion and tenure

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Pearls Before Swine comic courtesy of Stephan Pastis

Pearls Before Swine comic courtesy of Stephan Pastis


Are you a public historian on the tenure track? Do you sit on a tenure and promotion committee, or are you asked to write letters in support of T&P candidates? Do you find yourself working to explain the scholarly nature of public history scholarship to a broader academic audience? Read More

Public History on the Edge of Nowhere: A working group report

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Photo credit: Giannis Angelakis

Photo credit: Giannis Angelakis

Our “Public History on the Edge of Nowhere” working group consisted of individuals from institutions that face issues of isolation due to physical location or a lack of awareness by the surrounding communities. In Nashville at the 2015 National Council on Public History conference, we sought to facilitate a group discussion centered on developing creative solutions for institutions lacking direct access to large populations. Read More