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Campus history as public history: Interpreting slavery through historical walking tours

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Public history students guiding tour participants through campus, including the oldest extant building on the New Brunswick campus, Old Queens. Scarlet and Black researchers uncovered records noting that an enslaved man named Will laid the foundation of this building in 1808.

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Agriculture and public history: A working group

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It’s an exciting time for public historians interested in putting the farm-to-fork movement into historic context. Recent books, including Interpreting Food at Museums and Historic Sites (2015), Interpreting Agriculture at Museums and Historic Sites (2017), and Public History and the Food Movement: Adding the Missing Ingredient (2018), demonstrate that public historians are bringing new insights to bear on interpreting agricultural history and food history. Read More

Crossing the line: Facilitating digital access to primary sources

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ExploreCommonSense.com, a digital critical edition of Thomas Paine’s historic pamphlet and one of the digital projects represented in the working group. Image credit: Explore Common Sense.

Our working group, “Crossing the Line: Facilitating Digital Access to Primary Sources,” started with a simple premise. Read More

Disrupting institutional power: Imagining a regional model for public history education

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NCPH Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, 2017. Photo credit: NCPH

As the number of public history programs continues to grow, public history educators compete for students, grants, and partners. We flood cultural organizations with interns and redundant projects. Budgetary uncertainty forces educators working in state systems to make competing claims of primacy and excellence, pitting our programs against one another. Read More