Training for community partnerships: A round-up of resources

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people looking at exhibit

Community members visit an exhibit at the Terra Cotta Heritage Museum, as described in this post about a student project in North Carolina.

One of the biggest challenges public history educators face is managing community partnerships. Such partnerships offer rich learning experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students, but they often entail numerous complications, which may lead some students and instructors to seek to avoid them altogether. Engaging with community partners is essential, however, to effective training in public history. Because of the many pitfalls that come along with the obvious rewards of such work, it is a frequent topic of conversation among public history educators at conferences and in online forums. Collected below are posts from [email protected] that readers may find helpful as they navigate the trials and tribulations of work with community partners. The NCPH website’s “Teaching and Learning” page also contains links to useful resources–best practices documents and reading lists–that relate to community partnerships.

~ Will Walker is Assistant Professor of History at the Cooperstown Graduate Program (State University of New York-Oneonta).

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