Professional Archaeologist and/or Cultural Anthropologist

Yap State Historic Preservation Office, DY&CA, Yap State Government, FSM

Federated States of Micronesia

Full Time, Request for Proposals

Government, Historic Preservation

Job Announcement:
Professional Archaeologist and/or Cultural Anthropologist
The priority is with the professional archeology followed by cultural anthropology services

Position Summary:
Yap State Historic Preservation Office (YSHPO) is seeking an independent contractor to assist in a primary capacity in efforts to complete existing and future projects under the above-mentioned areas/fields. These projects are to help collect, record, preserve, restore and maintain cultural/historical information, sites, properties and other resources pertaining to Yapese cultural heritage.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Professional contractor must provide 2 technical reports meeting DOI Secretary’s standards and must be approved by National Park Service (NPS), Department of the Interior (DOI). The reports must be based on projects agreed to by and between the contractor and YSHPO with concurrence/approval from NPS, DOI
Must be willing and capable to apply for grants for historic/cultural preservation needs/purposes on behalf of YSHPO or communities
Capable of and willing to train field workers and/or YSHPO’s staffs
Capable of and willing to follow instructions from YSHPO’s Management and other relevant authorities and agencies.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
At least 2 years of full-time professional experience or equivalent specialized training in archaeological and/or ethnographic research, administration or management.
At least 1 year of unsupervised field and analytic experience in archeology, cultural anthropology, and ethnography (preferably in the Pacific region).
Ability to design and conduct a research project with the approval of YSHPO and NPS.
At least one year of full-time experience at a supervisory level in the study, evaluation and publication of archeological and/or ethnographic resources.
The ability to apply for grants on behalf of YSHPO.
Experience in the Pacific region preferred.

Education and Experience:
Advanced degree (s) in Archaeology and/or Anthropology or Historic Preservation at the Master’s or Doctorate level (MA, MS or PhD)
Applicant must be able to provide evidence of prior professional works (books, articles, etc) to YSHPO and NPS, DOI.
Preferably has done prior projects or works with or funded by NPS/HPF (Historic Preservation Fund).

Salary and Accommodations:
Negotiable but not to exceed base salary of $35,000 per year (based on qualifications)
Housing is provided and should be considered as a part of the fringe benefits package in addition to the base salary
Health Insurance is optional and can only be waived by the contractor
Recruitment and repatriation costs (including air fare, and other legitimate costs approved by YSHPO in advance, etc)
Costs of pet(s) to bring to Yap State, FSM and back to point of hire or other destination(s) is not allowable to be paid out from the NPS/HPF grant’s funds. However, the contractor is not prohibited from bringing his/her pet(s) at his/her expenses provided that all legal and administrative requirements are complied with regarding this type of activity

Initial contract will be for at least 12 months and is eligible for extension, depending on the need and willingness of contractor and YSHPO
Hired employee cannot participate in any other personal academic or professional activity during working hours or devote time to or engage in such activities which may compromise his/her official duties with YSHPO

Location: Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia

Position Type(s): Professional Contractor – Archaeologist and Cultural

Expiration Date: March 19, 2017 or until position (s) is filled

Additional Information:
To apply for the position or obtain additional information, send a cover letter along with a resume or Curriculum vitae to: [email protected] Or, mail the resume and evidence of prior professional works to Yap State Historic Preservation Office at P.O. Box 714, Colonia, Yap 96943. This position announcement is not a commitment or any form of binding contract between YSHPO and applicant (s). Any inquiries regarding this announcement shall be made via email to the provided email address above or call (691) 350-4226.

Thank you for your interest in this position.