Indiana University’s Cornelius O’Brien Lecture Series Concerning Historic Preservation is administered through NCPH.

OBrien Cornelius OBrienEstablished in 1972, the Cornelius O’Brien Lecture Series offers support for historic preservation in Indiana. Cornelius O’Brien (1883-1953), a successful banker, farmer, and manufacturer, was among the first to recognize the need for preserving Indiana’s historic buildings and sites. He was active in the Indiana Historical Society, serving for many years as an officer and a member. Among his major interests was the restoration of a portion of the Whitewater Canal near Metamora, in Franklin County. As a personal project, he enlarged and preserved historic Veraestau, home of the Holman, Hamilton, and O’Brien families.

OBrien Mrs. GibsonThe O’Brien Lecture Series was established by Mr. O’Brien’s daughter Mary (1915-2007), Mrs. John Timberlake Gibson of Washington, D.C., from whom it received generous support and permanent endowment beginning in 1984. For many years, the series enjoyed special assistance from the late Mrs. Cornelius O’Brien as well.

Mrs. Gibson’s interest in historic preservation also found expression in her support for the Preserving Historic Places: Indiana’s Statewide Preservation Conference each fall, sponsored by Indiana University, the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, and Indiana Landmarks.

The Cornelius O’Brien Lecture Series Committee supports speakers on the basis of their qualifications and does not advocate any particular approach or philosophy concerning historic preservation. The committee requires only that when requesting O’Brien lecture funding the sponsor explain how the proposed topic is relevant to local preservation efforts. O’Brien Lecture Series Flyer

How to Arrange for a Cornelius O’Brien Lecture

With funding from the series, approved groups and organizations throughout Indiana are encouraged to sponsor speakers experienced in historic preservation for presentations bearing directly on that subject. Except in rare instances, O’Brien lecturers reside in states other than Indiana and, without the support of the lecture fund, would be unavailable to the local organizations desiring their services.

O’Brien Lecture Application
To apply for O’Brien funding, please see the Request for Proposals and Application Form.

O’Brien Lecturer Forms
Once funding has been approved, lecturers will receive a packet containing required paperwork.

Travel Reimbursement Form
IRS W-9 Form (Request for Tax Payer ID)
Indiana University’s Independent Contractors Form
DV Payee Certification

O’Brien Requester Forms
Requesting agencies or individuals must complete a report after the commencement of the speaking event. Reimbursement and honorarium fees will not be submitted for payment without a report.

If you are interested in receiving O’Brien Lecture Series funding, complete an Application Form. O’Brien requests should be made at least eight weeks prior to the speaking event. Applications and the required supporting materials may be sent via fax, email, or postal service to:

Cornelius O’Brien Lecture Series
c/o National Council on Public History
127 Cavanaugh Hall-IUPUI
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-274-2716
Fax: 317-278-5230
Email: [email protected]