Program Introduction

The Public History minor at Northwest has approximately 10 students in any given year. The department also offers an MA in History, and those students are also able to take the public history courses and complete the internships. Approximately 3-4 students graduate with the minor annually.

Degrees Offered

  • B.A. in History with a Certificate or Concentration in Public History
  • Public History Minor

Credit Hour Requirements


Financial Aid Available

In-State Status

Deadline To Apply

See program website for details.

Internship Requirements

Required. Most Public History minors are History majors and must complete a senior thesis as a part of that major. Public History students are able to complete a related project instead of the full written paper. Internships are arranged by Program Director and can be worth up to 5 credit hours.

Places Where Students Have Interned During the Past 3 Years

• Joplin Museum Complex
• Nodaway County Historical Society Museum
• Danish Immigrant Museum
• American Jazz Museum
• Walnut Genealogy Society
• Westminster Archives Centre (London, UK)

Employers Who Have Hired Graduates from this Program within the Past Five Years

• Danish Immigrant Museum (Year-Long Placement)
• National Archives, Kansas City, Missouri