Digital Integration Fund


NCPH is building a digital public history hub, an exciting new place that is bringing together tools and resources, networks and people, publications and projects, and we need your help.

At the 2013 annual meeting in Ottawa, we announced the launch of the Digital Integration Fund (DIF) campaign to raise funds to support the design, programming, and production expenses for the growing digital publishing and communications effort built around The Public Historian, History@Work, and the Public History Commons.

Click here to see our vision for expanding the Public History Commons and integrating it with our journal and social media outlets. Public history practitioners, scholars, and their many publics are using NCPH’s digital structures—already 10,000 unique visitors a month go to History@Work. But we have reached the limits of our in-house capabilities. NCPH and its small staff, volunteer media editors, and other publishing partners need to engage programmers and designers who have the expertise to create infrastructure for a virtual library on the Commons, and craft new tools for critical reflection, peer review, and professional communication. We need your support today to continue to bring this vision to life.

Watch this video to learn more about NCPH Digital Projects.

Please help make a DIF by giving online now!