March 10, 2020

NCPH 2020 In-Person Meeting in Atlanta Cancelled; Alternative Plans Afoot

After careful deliberation and consideration of the best information available at this time, given the unfolding outbreak of COVID-19, the NCPH Board of Directors and staff have concluded, with regret, that we cannot proceed with holding the in-person 2020 NCPH annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia as planned (March 18-21, 2020). This decision, as participants surely understand, was not made lightly. We made this decision with the health and physical safety of our attendees, staff, volunteers, and vendors foremost in our minds.

Here is what attendees need to know right now:
1. NCPH’s annual meeting will be held virtually to the greatest extent possible. More information will be provided over the coming days as we consult with presenters.
2. We recommend that you do not initiate your travel to Atlanta. If you are already en route to Atlanta, you should plan to return to your home.
3. Cancel your hotel reservations today, directly with your hotel, to avoid possible penalties.
4. We are following up with presenters via a separate email that will come from a board member.
5. The decision carries with it significant financial consequences for the organization, some of which will be discussed below. We will be considering the implications of a partial refund policy in the coming weeks. No decisions can be made about refunds until the total financial impacts of this decision can be assessed; please do not query the office on this point at this time.

Read the full update from NCPH with more information and updates/recommendations for attendees at: