NCPH has long been involved in the education of public history graduate students. The organization has helped set standards for public history programs offering an MA degree in public history and has brought together the directors of public history programs for face-to-face and online discussions about best practices.  “Best practices” documents for teaching public history are available here.


An increasing number of college and university history departments are incorporating public history into their undergraduate programs. These range from majors or minors in public history, to public history concentrations or simply public history courses.


Public historians and history and social studies educators have much to share with each other. For example, historians who work at public history sites, such as museums, historical societies, or historical parks, offer access to material culture as well as methods and ideas for using it that can help bring history alive. Classroom teachers can offer pedagogical expertise and ways of framing challenging historical content that can be of use in public history settings. NCPH is committed to supporting history education with a public historical perspective at all levels.