About History@Work

History@Work is the peer-edited, multi-interest blog of the National Council on Public History (NCPH). NCPH established the blog to create an online venue where people from around the field of public history could share ideas and news. Like the field itself, the blog aims to blend scholarly, professional, and civic discussion arising from the practice of presenting history in public. We publish original, short-form work on all aspects of engaging with history in public. Launched in 2012, the blog attracts about 40,000 unique visitors a year and aims to reflect what’s happening in the field of public history from the perspective of practitioners working at museums, historic sites, libraries, colleges and universities, cultural heritage centers, and other places where public history happens. Our audience includes history professionals, students, teachers, activists, advocates, and others. NCPH and the History@Work Committee are dedicated to encouraging and cultivating conversations about public history across platforms. You can read more about this in NCPH’s Long-Range Plan.

If you would like to propose a blog post for consideration, please check our our Contribution guidelines and then email us at: [email protected].

Please note: Opinions expressed in the blog are those of individual authors and not necessarily those of editors or the National Council on Public History.