About [email protected]

[email protected] is a digital publication of the National Council on Public History. The blog was created in 2012 to create an online venue where people from around the field of public history could share ideas and news. Like the field itself, the blog aims to blend scholarly, professional, and civic discussion arising from the practice of presenting history in public.

[email protected] is also the venue for digital publications of The Public Historian journal.

The blog is peer-edited by a volunteer group of public historians with expertise in various aspects of public history practice and scholarship. You can find a full listing of our editors (part of our Digital Media Group) here.

You can find information about our editorial process and how you can propose a post here.

A regular opportunities in the field of possible interest to public historians is posted here in the blog. These items, along with additional NCPH-specific news, are also included in the weekly Public History News Update which is distributed via email to NCPH members. To submit an item for possible inclusion in these listings, fill out the form at http://ncph.org/around-the-field-form/.

We invite your comments and feedback on posts. Our privacy policy and guidelines for comments can be found here.

Lead Editors

Nicole Belolan, Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities, Rutgers University-Camden (NCPH Digital Media Editor)
Modupe Labode, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Copy Editor)
Adina Langer, Museum of History and Holocaust Education, Kennesaw State University
Will Walker, Cooperstown Graduate Program