Breaking down NCPH’s First Twitter Mini-Con

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NCPH held its first-ever Twitter Mini-Con(ference) on Thursday-Friday, October 18-19, 2018. The event was organized by historians Jessica Knapp and Krista McCracken, in collaboration with NCPH staff Christine Crosby and Meghan Hillman, and was modeled after the Beyond 150 Twitter Conference, which Krista organized with Andrea Eidinger (see this post for more details).

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Around the Field December 12, 2018

From around the field this week: registration is now open for the Small Museum Association’s February conference; send in applications by New Year’s Eve to be considered for the Mount Vernon fellowships; tune-in next Wednesday for the Preservation Leadership Forum’s free webinar on finding grant money. Read More

Museum Super Heroes: New England Museum Association 2018 Day of Service

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Museum collections are in danger. The 2011 ICCROM-UNESCO International Storage Survey found that many museums worldwide lack proper storage space for their collections and that 40% of surveyed museums may not even know what they hold. Often, there is not the support, staff, or time to keep up best practices in collections management. Read More

Reflecting on repair: The 2019 Annual Meeting theme

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Ideally, a conference theme is broad enough to encompass the breadth of a field, yet specific enough to create cohesion and perhaps spark new synergies and connections within that field. Seth Bruggeman and Cathy Stanton, Program Committee co-chairs for the 2019 NCPH Annual Meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, reflect on how this year’s theme of “Repair Work” was developed and how it has shaped the program. Read More

Around the Field November 27, 2018

From around the field this week: register for Museums Advocacy Day in February and Humanities Advocacy Day in March; send in proposals for ALFHAM’s 2019 Conference in Ontario; tune in for AASLH’s and OAH’s December webinar on Native American activism. Read More

Subscribing to new mediums

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Available to anyone with access to the internet and a pair of headphones, podcasts are arguably the most accessible medium in today’s public history landscape. They also have the potential to be the most far-reaching; unlike museums or historic sites that are largely confined to their physical location, a podcast can be transmitted to a global audience with just a few clicks. Read More

Around the Field November 12, 2018

From around the field this week: learn how to become a reviewer for The Public Historian; apply for the Society of Architectural Historians’ fellowships before their end-of-the-year deadline; registration is open for AASLH’s November Coffee Break webinar. Read More