Teaching the digital self

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“Don’t include images because they slow everything down too much.” “Use tables and frames to organize your website.” “Visual interface is more important than content.” “Flash will save the internet.” “No one wants to read or watch videos on their tiny little phone.” “Use the brightest colors possible.” All of these statements had their axiomatic moment, but with the advantage of technological hindsight, these ideas seem archaic, though they are thirty years old at most. Read More

Around the Field September 5, 2018

From around the field this week: “Game Design and the Constitution” talk from the National Archives and the American University Game Lab is livestreaming on September 6; Canadians between the ages of 18-34 working on projects addressing issues of discrimination should look into applying for an Inspirit Foundation ChangeUp Grant by Sept. Read More

Notes from the field: The University of Wrocław’s Public History Summer School

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Author’s Note: Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Public History Summer School, held in Wroclaw, Poland. The Summer School, which was co-sponsored with the University of Wrocław’s Historical Institute, the local Zajezdnia History Centre, the Jean Monnet Network for Applied Contemporary European History, and the International Federation for Public History (IFPH), ran for four days, and included presentations from scholars all over Europe and beyond. Read More

(Re)Active Public History: NCPH Twitter Mini-Con

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As you may have noticed in Public History News, NCPH is excited to announce that our first ever NCPH Twitter Mini-Con will be taking place October 18-19, 2018. The theme for the conference is (Re)Active Public History, and is rooted in a desire to critically discuss the active ways that public historians engage with the public, the past, and historical scholarship. Read More

Around the Field August 22, 2018

From around the field this week: The Association for Computers and the Humanities is seeking reviewers for conference submissions; the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums seeks to award Graduate Students and Emerging Museum Professionals; The National Humanities Center is offering an online course on Digital Literacy in the Classroom. Read More

Advocating for archivists

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On July 29, 2018, The Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece by Alice Dreger entitled “The Delicate Art of Dealing with Your Archivist” (originally behind a paywall, the article is now publicly accessible). In the article, Dreger, a historian of science and medicine, breaks down the types of archivists a researcher may encounter by a “basic taxonomy.” Read More