"Public History + ?: A Creative Showcase" Application

Calling all creatives! Are you a maker, hobbyist, visual artist, or creative of another strain? Does your creative practice inform or fuel your public history work? NCPH will host, "Public History + ?: A Creative Showcase" to celebrate our multi-talented public history community on the morning of Saturday, April 13th. By the end of your time at the NCPH-UHS 2024 Annual Meeting, "Historical Urgency", we hope you feel refreshed, engaged, and challenged anew after days of dialogue, exploration, and workshops! Consider this showcase a chance to off-ramp from the intensity of the week and share your creative practice with your colleagues, new and old. Participants may just display their wares or vend them, depending on your comfortability. Participants are invited to begin setting up their booths between 7:30am - 10am. The Showcase will take place between 10am - 2pm on Saturday, April 13th. Please complete this form by March 4th, 2024. Applicants will hear back by March 15th, 2024. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Sarah Singh at [email protected].

Please briefly describe your creative practice and how you plan to display your craft at NCPH-UHS 2024.
Is your creative practice related to your public history work?(Required)

Do you plan to just vend your wares, just display, or both?(Required)
If you plan to vend your wares, please be aware that the only available wifi network in the Exhibit Hall is an open wifi network.
NCPH-UHS will provide a table, power, chairs and a trash can for your display/vending booth. Participants will be required to set up their own table. Please describe any particular or further needs you might have from NCPH-UHS in order to participate.
NCPH Code of Conduct(Required)
By submitting this application, all attendees agree to abide by the NCPH's Events Code of Conduct: https://ncph.org/about/governance-committees/ncph-events-code-of-conduct/