NCPH Mini-Conferences and After Work events are designed to help our members maintain the energy, conviviality, and productivity of the annual meeting year-round. We recognize that not everyone can make it to our national annual meeting every year, and these events are opportunities to strengthen your public history community on a smaller scale. Locally organized by an NCPH member or member institution, with support from the NCPH office, mini-cons and after work events (hosting one or attending one!) are great ways to meet fellow public historians in your region and see what the local public history community is up to.


I have an idea for a mini-con. Now what?

Submit your idea at Do you envision a Mini-Con Collaboration or a Mini-Con Partnership? Both are driven by local organizers, but have different expectations and come with different levels of NCPH support.

Mini-Con Collaboration

  • Eligible for up to $200 in seed money
  • NCPH will assist with digital promotion; offer logistical advice; and promote regionally.
  • Mini-Con Collaborators agree to list NCPH as a partner in marketing materials; share products of the mini-con with us and our members; and provide a report for our newsletter.

Mini-Con Partnership

  • Eligible for up to $350 in seed money
  • NCPH will assist with everything at the Collaboration level, plus: design promotional flyers and social media posts; help locate speakers and brainstorm content; and, if needed, manage registrations through our database.
  • Partners agree to meet all expectations of the Collaboration level, plus: write a History@Work blog post; brand the event “An NCPH Mini-Con;” offer a discounted registration rate to NCPH members (if you use tiered rates); and loop NCPH into all major content decisions.

NCPH After Work

NCPH launched the “After Work” program during 2018–2019 in order to offer members additional opportunities to meet outside of the annual meeting that were less formal and more socially-focused than the mini-cons that launched in 2014. These gatherings allow public historians to network and discuss items of common concern in an informal setting. After Work events also promote greater geographical, financial, and scheduling flexibility, as they can be held anywhere and at any time at a lower cost to participants, NCPH, and any planning partners.

Guidelines for our new After Work events are available here.
If you’re interested in hosting something like this in your city, email [email protected].

Learn more about past mini-cons and After Work events here.

The National Council on Public History expects everyone who participates in NCPH events, conferences, mini-cons, or online programming to adhere to the NCPH Events Code of Conduct.  If you have questions about this code of conduct, please email [email protected].