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Long Range Plan: Stewardship

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If we learned anything from the 2018–2022 Long Range Plan, it’s that imagining the events of the next five years—let alone planning for them—requires a great deal of creativity. Over many months of focus groups, drafts, and revisions, the Long Range Planning Committee has worked to develop a flexible framework for a set of ambitious, but attainable, goals that build on and mutually reinforce one another. Read More

New resource launched: the NCPH Digital Projects Directory

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Digital Projects Directory

NCPH’s Digital Media Group (DMG) is excited to announce the launch of the Digital Projects Directory. The Directory is a free guide to history-focused digital projects for students, faculty, public history professionals, and anyone interested in learning about history through digital media. Read More

A call for resources on sexual harassment and gender discrimination in public history

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The National Council on Public History (NCPH) board-led Subcommittee on Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment is collecting a list of resources to share with public history professionals. During this month’s virtual NCPH Annual Meeting, please join us in assembling and assessing resources on topics of gender discrimination and sexual harassment to empower public historians to take action when necessary at work, to provide resources on these issues to those who teach and train public historians, and to provide resources to anyone in the field who has been a victim of sexual harassment or gender discrimination. Read More

Reflections on (relatively) rapid-response programming

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Last year, in my role as the membership coordinator for National Council on Public History (NCPH), I had the pleasure of helping put on several virtual programs in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon after lockdown began and public history institutions started cutting hours and furloughing or laying off staff members, at NCPH we asked ourselves, in the spirit of rapid-response collecting, what could NCPH do for struggling public historians? Read More

How should we respond when a public historian engages in, or has experienced, sexual harassment?

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Over the past several years, many of us have participated in conversations about the prevalence of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the public history field. This behavior has occurred at conferences, in workplaces, and in educational settings, among consultants, audiences, frontline workers, students, and others. Read More