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NCPH Diversity Task Force

The Continuing Work of the Board-led Subcommittee on Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harrasment

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Authors’ Note: As you may be aware, the status of the NCPH annual meeting has changed. The sessions will not take place as described below, but the activities of the committee continue.

As we look forward to our annual meeting in Atlanta, members of the National Council on Public History (NCPH) board-led Subcommittee on Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment wanted to share an update on our recent activities. Read More

Whither diversity?

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Ask people what diversity within an organization or institution means and you’ll get many answers–responses so disparate, you wonder how anyone can identify a common thread or focus.

In 2015, the National Council on Public History created a Diversity Task Force to address the paucity of professionals of color engaged in public history in general and NCPH in particular. Read More

NCPH so white?

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2015 will be remembered by historians as the year of #BlackLivesMatter, an intersectional civil rights movement that merged direct action, political activity, and social media to force a national discussion around issues of police violence and institutional racism. It’s also pushed to the forefront discussions about diversity in various other kinds of American institutions, from Hollywood movies to Silicon Valley. Read More