Around the Field January 24, 2024

From Around the Field this week: The American Alliance of Museums closes applications for two awards; the Florida Conference of Historians host their 2024 conference; the Oral History Association calls for proposals for their virtual symposium


  • During NCPH’s 2024 annual meeting in Salt Lake City join WWII camp survivors on an one-day visit to Topaz, Utah on April 13 in attending the 81st memorial ceremony for James Wakasa, killed by a guard at the incarceration camp in 1943
  • The American Alliance of Museums is accepting nominations for their Recognition for the Advancement of DEAI in Museums through January, 26, 2024
  • NCPH will host “Public History + ?: A Creative Showcase” to celebrate our multi-talented public history community at our 2024 annual meeting in Salt Lake City. Apply to be part of the showcase by March 15, 2024



  • The Florida Conference of Historians will host their 2024 annual meeting at Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa, Florida, US, January 26-28, 2024
  • The African, African American, and Diaspora Studies Center at James Madison will host their 2024 annual conference, “Reckoning,” in Harrisonburg, Virginia, US, February 7-10, 2024
  • The American Association for State and Local History will host their virtual summit, “Doing History in Polarized Times,” February 8-9, 2024
  • The National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates will host their 2024 annual conference in Austin, Texas, US, February 15-17, 2024
  • IU Indianapolis will host an Arab American Public History Conference in the IU Indianapolis University Library Lilly Auditorium in Indianapolis, Indiana, US, February 16, 2024
  • The Small Museum Association will host their 2024 conference, “Telling Through Stories,” in Richmond, Virginia, US, February 19-21, 2024
  • The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association will host their 2024 Annual SWPACA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US, February 21-24, 2024
  • The 2024 Annual Women’s and Gender History Symposium will take place in Champaign, Illinois, US, February 29 – March 2, 2024
  • The National Council for History Education will host their 2024 conference, “History at the Crossroads,” in Cleveland, Ohio, US, March 7-9, 2024
  • The African American Intellectual History Society will host their annual conference, “Reparations: Past, Present, and Future,” in Charlottesville, Virginia, US, March 8-9, 2024
  • The History Department at the University of Toledo calls for abstracts for Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate History Colloquium to be held in Toledo, Ohio, US, March 22, 2024 (abstracts due by February 9, 2024)
  • Temple University’s James A. Barnes Club calls for papers for their Barnes Conference (for graduate students) to be held at Temple University’s Center City Campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, March 22-23, 2024 (abstracts due January 31, 2024)
  • The South Carolina Historical Association will host their 2024 conference, History Teachesto be held in Florence, South Carolina, US, March 30, 2024
  • The Indiana Association of Historians will host their 2024 conference, “Historical Intelligence,” in Indianapolis, Indiana, US, April 5-6, 2024
  • The Graduate History Association of the University of Massachusetts Amherst is accepting proposals for their conference, “Contested Ground: Claiming and Reclaiming Territory in History,” to be held in Amherst, Massachusetts, US, April 5-6, 2024 (proposals due on January 15, 2024)
  • The North Carolina Association of Historians calls for papers for their 2024 conference to be held in Pembroke, North Carolina, US, April 5-6, 2024 (proposals due January 31, 2024)
  • The Museum Association of New York will host their 2024 conference, “Giving Voice to Value,” to be held in Albany, New York, US, April 6-9, 2024
  • Mercy University calls for paper abstracts for their Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, “Perception,” to be held in Dobbs Ferry, New York, US, April 6, 2024 (abstracts due on February 16, 2024)
  • NCPH and the Utah Division of State History/Utah Historical Society will host our joint conference, “Historical Urgency,” in Salt Lake City, Utah, US, April 10-13, 2024
  • The Organization of American Historians will host their 2024 conference, “Public Dialogue, Relevance, and Change: Being in Service to Communities and the Nation,” in New Orleans, Louisiana, US, April 11-14, 2024
  • PA Museums will host their 2024 conference, “Chance for Change: Opportunities in a Community,” in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US, April 14-16, 2024
  • The Midwest Archives Conference will host their 2024 Annual Meeting, in Des Moines, Iowa, US, May 2-4, 2024. They are accepting proposals for pop-up sessions and poster presentations (deadline February 5, 2024)
  • The George Washington Cold War Group calls for paper for their 2024 annual Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War to be held in Washington, DC, US, May 2-4, 2024 (papers due by February 9, 2024)
  • The Midwestern History Association will host their annual Midwestern History Conference, “Finding the Lost Region,” in Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, May 30-31, 2024
  • The Society for History in the Federal Government calls for papers for their 2024 annual meeting, Making History Accessibleto be held in Library of Congress, Madison Building, Washington, DC, US, May 30-31, 2024 (deadline for papers is February 1, 2024)
  • The History of Recent Social Science calls for papers for their 2024 conference to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, May 31 – June 1, 2024 (proposals due February 2, 2024)
  • The Southwest Oral History Association calls for papers for their conference, Rooted in Memory and Resistance: Cultivating Radical Futuresto be held at the University of California, Riverside in Riverside, California, US, May 31 – June 3, 2024
  • The Mass History Conference calls for ideas, suggestions, and proposals for their 2024 conference, History for Everyone, to be held on June 3, 2024 (submissions due by January 31, 2024)
  • The Agricultural History Society will host their 2024 meeting, Borderlands, Marginal Spaces, and Agriculture In-Between, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, US, June 6-8, 2024
  • The Committee on LGBT History will host their Queer History Conference 2024, at California State University, Fullerton in Fullerton, California, US, June 10-13, 2024
  • The Oral History Association calls for proposals for their AI in OH Virtual Symposium, tentatively scheduled for the week of July 15, 2024 (applications due January 31, 2024)
  • The Association of African American Museums calls proposals for their 2024 conference, Acknowledging Legacy, Fostering Progress: Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, US, August 13-16, 2023 (proposals due on March 1, 2024)
  • The Society of American Archivists will host Archives*Records 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, US, August 14-17, 2024
  • The International Federation for Public History will host their 2024 World Conference in Belval, Luxembourg, September 3-7, 2024
  • The American Association for State and Local History will host their 2024 conference, Doing History, to be held in Mobile, Alabama, US, September 11-14, 2024
  • The Oral History Association calls for proposals for their 2024 annual meeting, Oral History: Bridging Past, Present, and Future, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, US, October 30 – November 2, 2024 (proposals due on February 23, 2024)
  • The Federation of State Humanities Councils and the National Humanities Alliance invites proposals for the National Humanities Conference 2024, Making Waves, Navigating Currents of Changeto be held in Providence, Rhode Island, US, November 13-17, 2024 (deadline for submissions is April 3, 2024)
  • The American Historical Association calls for session proposals for their 2025 annual conference to be held in New York City, New York, US, January 3-6, 2025 (proposals due by February 15, 2024)
  • The Organization of American Historians calls for proposals for their 2025 Conference on American History to be held in Chicago, Illinois, US, April 3-6, 2025 (accepting proposals and papers through March 1, 2024)



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