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2023 Annual Meeting

TBD to Historical Urgency: Reflections on Gathering as Public Historians

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In the Spring of 2023 public historians gathered—in person for the first time in four years—for our annual meeting in Atlanta. Months later, as I organized my photographs from the trip, I kept coming back to a series of images from the exhibit hall, images of a puzzle slowly coming together, one piece at a time. Read More

Editor’s corner: addressing the legacy of eugenics in California State Parks

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Editors’ Note: We publish the editor’s introduction to the August 2023 issue of The Public Historian here. The entire issue is available online to National Council on Public History members and to others with subscription access.

The current issue features multiple authors who detail a model of publicly engaged, collaborative, and activist historical work. Read More

Let’s talk about work: an invitation to participate in the “Empowering the Public History Workplace” working group at the 2023 NCPH meeting in Atlanta

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Empowering the Public History Workplace logoFrom Amazon and Starbucks unionization drives to the waves of strikes that have roiled higher education in recent months, American workers are thinking critically about labor and moving towards action. Museum and historical site professionals are no different. Projects like Art/Museums Salary Transparency 2019, and Instagram accounts like Museumworkersspeak, and Changethemuseum, have stimulated the conversation among art museum workers, but public historians have been comparatively silent. Read More