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Alena Pirok

Let’s talk about work: an invitation to participate in the “Empowering the Public History Workplace” working group at the 2023 NCPH meeting in Atlanta

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Empowering the Public History Workplace logoFrom Amazon and Starbucks unionization drives to the waves of strikes that have roiled higher education in recent months, American workers are thinking critically about labor and moving towards action. Museum and historical site professionals are no different. Projects like Art/Museums Salary Transparency 2019, and Instagram accounts like Museumworkersspeak, and Changethemuseum, have stimulated the conversation among art museum workers, but public historians have been comparatively silent. Read More

How can we reduce conferences’ carbon footprints?

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Editors’ Note: This is one of two posts by leaders of the National Council on Public History (NCPH)’s Committee on Environmental Sustainability. You can get involved by attending the Green Meetings Working Group Session on Saturday, March 21, at the annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More