Program Introduction

The program is designed to give students a broad overview of the practice of public history, followed by specialized courses and opportunities for internships. Students are required to take introduction to public and oral history, and complete an internship. (Students must apply for acceptance to the internship program and meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0). Students choose additional courses according to their interests and career goals. These courses include: historical archaeology, exhibit design, museum and archive management, archival practices, museum methods, etc.

Program Introduction

The CSUSB program for Public and Oral History was created in 2002. It offers undergraduate students an in-depth introduction to various fields of public and oral history, including museum management, archival practices, historical archaeology, historic preservation, and oral history. The program attracts fifteen to twenty students in internships and graduate programs.

Degrees Offered

  • B.A. in Public History
  • Other

Program Strengths

  • Archival Practices
  • Local/Community History
  • Museum Studies
  • Oral History

Credit Hour Requirements

82 credits in the major

How Many Students are Admitted Annually


Deadline To Apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Internship Requirements

Students need a 3.0 G.P.A. and should have already completed the majority of their units in history and at least 6 units in Public History before applying for an internship. Once you have the approval of a faculty member, you may approach an organization about your internship. Provide them with our Guidelines for Host Organizations and the contract form. It is imperative that all expectations are clear before you begin working as an intern. Once you have been accepted for the program and have an internship contract, you will need to register for 3 credits of HIST5750.

Places Where Students Have Interned During the Past 3 Years

  • National Archives
  • Pechanga
  • Howard Dean Museum
  • Coachella Valley Historical Society
  • Manzanar National Historic Site
  • San Bernardino County Archives
  • San Bernardino Community Hospital
  • Heritage Consortium of Inland Southern California
  • Water Resources Institute
  • San Bernardino County Museum
  • Museum of Tolerance
  • Smithsonian National History Museum
  • A.K. Smiley Library
  • Riverside County Archives

Job Placement Assistance

Faculty help place students in internships and help students network with graduate programs to make a smooth transition to graduate studies.

Employers Who Have Hired Graduates from this Program within the Past Five Years

  • National Park Service
  • The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands