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This collaboration between public historian Karen Sieber and students from the University of Maine highlights key people, moments, and places in campus history that often go overlooked.
This student-led tour was built using Clio, and includes stops related to: the first female students and faculty members on campus, efforts to create inclusive student groups like Wilde Stein, moments of unrest during wartime, an incident of racial violence, and a former university president's connections to the field of eugenics. Each stop includes archival resources, many from the University of Maine's Fogler Library Special Collections, for further exploration. Additional stops are planned for the future.

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LGBTQ+, African American, Indigenous, World War II, Women, Veterans, Great Depression, Red Summer, World War I, Morrill Act, Campus History

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Mapping, Exhibit, Images, Archival Items

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Karen Sieber (McGillicuddy Humanities Center), with University of Maine undergraduate students and MHC Fellows Elizabeth Dalton and Luke Miller



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University of Maine

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  • Clio

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Started as a class project for two students. Expanded in semester following through additional editing, research, curatorial work. No financial support. Estimated combined time (200 hours)

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