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Visions of Democracy is a podcast for those interested in learning about the history of participatory democracy and grassroots activism in America.

Most episodes feature an oral history interview between host Kimberly Stahler and activists from the postwar period. Each story-based episode explore how activists mobilized behind a specific goal.

This podcast deepens our understanding of social movements in American history and encourages listeners to think critically about ways to participate in democracy.

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American democracy, grassroots activism

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Oral History

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Kimberly Stahler


2021, 2022

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Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)

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  • SoundCloud

Labor and Support

I started this on-going project in 2021 while working on my dissertation research. The CWRU Social Justice Institute granted me a fellowship specifically to support my dissertation research and to make my findings publicly available through eight podcast episodes. Over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year, I conducted oral history interviews over Zoom and curated the recordings into story-based podcast episodes.

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Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University