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The Welga Archive, Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies is housed at the University of California, Davis' Department of Asian Amerian Studies seeks to preserve and make accessible archival collections related to the Filipino/a/x American and Diasporic experiences. Initially created to focus on the overlooked Filipino involvement in the Delano Grape Strikes, the farmworker movement, and the United Farm Workers, the Welga (Tagalog word for Strike, similar to 'huelga') expanded to include a variety of Filipino/a/x topics, including Filipina accomplishments, Veterans history, protest movements against the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines, and regional histories. The Welga Archive is hosted using

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Filipino American, Filipino diaspora, Filipino American women, Filipinas, Filipino American migrant agricultural laborers,

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English, Tagalog

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Oral History, Images, Artifacts, Sound, Text, Teacher Resources, Crowdsourcing

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Jason Sarmiento, Bulosan Center Archivist
Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, Bulosan Center Director



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University of California, Davis

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The Welga Archive was initially created for Jason Sarmiento's Public History master's thesis. After the initial funding phase ended, Sarmiento continued on as a voluntueer. Thanks to the 2019 California State Allocation, the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies hired Sarmiento as the Archivist/Assistant Librarian to continue working on the Welga Archive.

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California Humanities University of California Humanities Research initiative