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The National Council on Public History holds an annual meeting each spring for professionals, students, faculty members, and anyone else interested in public history. The conference provides professional development through an abundance of sessions, plenaries, and workshops; presents opportunities for networking through special events and an exhibit hall; and connects conference attendees to the community through tours and keynote speakers.

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Upcoming Conferences

2016 Baltimore, MD
March 16-19 — Joint meeting with the Society for History in the Federal Government at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel

2017 Indianapolis, IN — April 19-22, Westin Indianapolis

2018 Las Vegas, NV — March 21-24, Renaissance Las Vegas

See videos of past keynote and other selected sessions on YouTube

Past Conferences

2015 Nashville, TN — April 15-18, Sheraton Nashville Downtown

2014 Monterey, CA — March 19-22, Monterey Conference Center

2013 Ottawa, ON — April 17-20, Delta Ottawa City Centre

2012 Milwaukee, WI
April 18-22 — Joint meeting with the Organization of American Historians at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center

2011 Pensacola, FL
April 6-9, Historic Pensacola Village and the Crowne Plaza Hotel

2010 Portland, OR
March 10-14 — Joint meeting with the American Society for Environmental History at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower

What people are saying about the conference…

“I have never in my life attended such a varied, vibrant and unpretentious conference gathering. Only about 1/3rd the attendees were academic historians. The rest were state and federal employees, archivists and museum workers, school teachers, impassioned civilians. What brought them together is that they were all doing history, and in many cases very fine history indeed. There was none of this ‘let me look at your name tag and see if you are worth talking to’ nonsense, it was more ‘let me talk to you and find out what cool stuff you are doing.’ I had a great time and was very impressed.”
[Blog posting after Louisville meeting]
“This conference is absolutely crucial for me. As a public history professor in a traditional department and an assistant professor at that, I feel a bit isolated and worry about the ways in which my courses seem to differ in approach and philosophy to the standard history courses. Being among colleagues and nurturing my extended professional relationships is important for two reasons. First, I can see that my courses are in line with our best practices. Second, I gather information and ideas about how best to modify them, guided by my relationship with practitioners, public history educators and interdisciplinary approaches.”
[Comment from post-conference evaluations, Providence meeting]
“The congenial networking and informality of NCPH is a big plus. And although growing in size, the NCPH conference is still human-scale. And human! The coffee breaks gave a good opportunity to informal chatting. And I still like the poster session as a way to bring young presenters into the conference and have them participate as presenters.”
[Corporate historian on Providence meeting]

Past Conferences
1979 – Montecito, California
1980 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1981- Raleigh, North Carolina
1982 – Chicago, Illinois – History and its Publics
1983 – Waterloo, Ontario – Public History in Action: International Perspectives
1984 – Los Angeles, California – Diversity of Public History
1985 – Phoenix, Arizona
1986 – New York, New York (with OAH) – The Pertinence of Political History: Reflections on the Significance of the State in America
1987 – Washington, D.C. (with SHFG)
1988 – Denver, Colorado
1989 – St. Louis, Missouri (with OAH) – American Equality and Foreign Revolution
1990 – San Diego, California (with SOHA) – History: Cities, Parks, and People
1991 – Toledo, Ohio – The Audiences of Public History
1992 – Columbia, South Carolina
1993 – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – The Valley Forge National Historical Park Centennial
1994 – Sacramento, California (with SOHA and NOHA) – Public History and the Environment
1995 – Washington, D.C. (with OAH) – The Hidden History of Mestizo America: A Reflection on Historical Interpretation and the Contemporary Condition
1996 – Seattle, Washington – History and the Public Interest
1997 – Albany, New York – Public History and Public Memory
1998 – Austin, Texas – International, Multicultural, Interdisciplinary: Public History, Policy and Practice
1999 – Lowell, Massachusetts – History in the Public Sense: Historians and Their Publics
2000 – St. Louis, Missouri (with OAH) – The United States and the Wider World
2001 – Ottawa, Ontario – Belonging: Public Historians and Place
2002 – Washington, D.C. (with OAH) – Overlapping Diasporas: Encounters and Conversions
2003 – Houston, Texas – Beyond Boundaries: Diversity, Identity, and Public History
2004 – Victoria, British Columbia (with ASEH) – Cultural Places and Natural Spaces: Memory, History, and Landscape
2005 – Kansas City, Missouri – Defining Region: Public Historians and the Culture and Meaning of Region
2006 – Washington, D.C. (with OAH) – Our America/Nuestra América
2007 – Santa Fe, New Mexico Program – Many Histories, Many Publics – Common Ground?
2008 – Louisville, Kentucky Program Blog – Public Histories of Union and Disunion
2009 – Providence, Rhode Island Program Blog – Toward Broader Horizons
– Portland, Oregon (with ASEH) Program Blog – Currents of Change
2011 – Pensacola, Florida Program Blog – Crossing Borders/Building Communities – Real and Imagined
2012 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (with OAH) Program Blog – Frontiers of Capitalism and Democracy
2013 – Ottawa, Ontario Program – Knowing your Public(s)—The Significance of Audiences in Public History
2014 – Monterey, California Program – Sustainable Public History