Program Introduction

The National Institute of American History and Democracy began in academic year 2001-2002 as a partnership between the College of William and Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and it admits 6-8 outside students per year and an unlimited number of William and Mary students. The program offers a certificate in early American history, material culture, museum studies, and public history. Over 200 students have completed program requirements, with 12 finishing in 2016.

Degrees Offered

  • Other

Program Strengths

  • Historic Preservation
  • Material Culture
  • Museum Studies

Financial Aid Available

In-state tuition

Internship Requirements

The Field School in Public History is offered during both Fall and Spring semesters. The course includes readings and discussions about Public History, but the primary focus of the course is a supervised internship at The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation or another local museum. Internships will be possible in most areas of operations at Colonial Williamsburg. Some will require prior academic training or practical experience; some will not. Students will work with NIAHD and Colonial Williamsburg staff to define the internship, which they may undertake during either fall or spring semester. Summer internships, year-long internships and internships in places other than Colonial Williamsburg are possible, but will require justification and special arrangements. These are unpaid internships that earn academic credit.

Places Where Students Have Interned During the Past 3 Years

  • The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • African American Initiatives
  • Archaeology
  • Architectural Conservation
  • Architectural Research
  • Collections
  • Digital History Center
  • Historic Trades
  • Marketing
  • Products, Publications, & Learning Ventures
  • The Mariners’ Museum
  • Pamunkey Indian Reservation Museum