Conference Mentoring Program

As part of the conference experience, NCPH is dedicated to making everyone in attendance feel as comfortable and connected as possible.  This can be difficult for students and new professionals, who are often trying to find their specific interests and goals, locate the people who can help them along the way, and do so in a way that is respectful and courteous.  Many people in attendance this year are coming to the NCPH conference for the first time, and are unsure of how to approach potential contacts, how to choose the right sessions or workshops to attend, and how to maximize the conference experience.  If this sounds like you, or if you are the kind of person who is interested in leading and shaping the public historians of tomorrow, consider signing up for the Mentor/Mentee program by checking the appropriate box on your conference registration form, or by emailing Noah Goodling, Mentor Coordinator, at [email protected] (put MENTORING OTTAWA in the subject line).

Mentors are expected to share lessons about their own career path and try to introduce mentees to other public history practitioners.  Mentees are expected to come with questions, to be friendly and open to advice, and to be respectful and polite.  This valuable service has provided excellent results in the past, with many students and professionals claiming that it added a welcome component to the conference.

Remember, we all share the responsibility to help the field of Public History grow and flourish.  Without the guidance, experience, and generosity of seasoned pros, our burgeoning professionals will face far more difficulty than is necessary.  Become part of the solution and sign up for the Mentor/Mentee program today!

Click here for more information about the expectations and guidelines of the Mentor/Mentee program, or feel free to contact the Mentor Coordinator, Noah Goodling, at [email protected] with any questions or concerns, or to sign up!

“The conference mentor program was fantastic!  As a first-time conference-goer, it was great to be matched up with a young professional a little further along in her career. We had a lot of common interests and enjoyed attending sessions and the Thursday evening reception and plenary address together!”
–Conference Participant