The NCPH Jobs listing is a free service our organization provides to the public history profession.  NCPH makes no guarantees about the accuracy of information contained in the listings or the business practices of employers listing openings here. We do, however, ask employers using this service to adhere to reasonable standards of professional ethics. In particular, we expect that:

  1. All jobs should be offered on an equal-opportunity basis.
  2. Compensation should be commensurate with the qualifications required for a position. We do not accept postings for uncompensated internships, and the NCPH Executive Office reserves the right to determine if an internship meets our standards of ethical compensation.
  3. As of September 9, 2020 all positions listed must include a salary, salary range, hourly rate, salary code, or some other measure of compensation. 
  4. Advertised positions must be relevant to public history. Final determination of a posting’s relevance will be determined by the NCPH Executive Office.
  5. Jobs submitted without a closing date will be posted for 8 weeks.
  6. NCPH developed a broad “Best Practices for Job Postings” document to encourage greater transparency in job postings and empower prospective candidates to make informed decisions about which positions match their skills, experience, and goals.