NCPH Social Media Terms and Conditions

NCPH maintains a presence online through social media accounts, groups, and a blog in an effort to fulfill our mission. Namely to “inspire engagement with the past and serve the needs of practitioners in putting history to work in the world by building community among historians, expanding professional skills and tools, fostering critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocating for history and historians.”

As you interact with NCPH accounts, groups, and websites, NCPH asks that you keep our mission in mind. We encourage friendly and supportive posts that help us build community, expand professional skills, foster critical reflection, and advocate for the field. In the interest of maintaining a friendly and safe space, we may exercise the option to edit or delete comments on our posts under some circumstances. Comments should not contain profanity or ad hominem attacks on others. Spam links or suspected spam will be deleted. Users who repeatedly post unprofessional, offensive, or inappropriate content may be removed from groups or blocked.

In particular, content may be edited or deleted and users may be blocked without warning if they are offensive, rude, or abusive. This includes:

  • Racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting, or life-threating messages
  • Serious, unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations
  • Aggressive, violent, obscene, or pornographic comments
  • Messages where the sender is not the author
  • Messages for advertising purposes
  • Unintelligible or irrelevant messages
  • Any other messages that are off-topic and do not contribute to the conversation

Social media is a shared responsibility within NCPH. For any questions on NCPH’s presences on social media please contact the membership manager or executive director.