October 4, 2023

TPH Call for Papers

Our journal, The Public Historian (TPH), calls for papers for a special issue: Cemeteries, Graveyards, and Massacre Sites. Proposals, which should be no longer than one double-spaced page, should be submitted to TPH at [email protected]. The deadline for submission is December 1, 2023.

This special issue endeavors to put into conversation places of burial, cemeteries, graveyards, and massacre sites within public history and historic preservation. What are the politics of preserving these sites? How do they change over time and vary over space? What is the role of the public historian in doing so? How can a consideration of the involvement of local community members, faith groups, historic societies, and professional caretakers in the creation and maintenance of burial sites help us reimagine community-based commemoration, preservation, and memory in understudied sites and communities? How might transnational comparisons help understand practice, policy, and local history? What is the role of technology and digital history in documenting and preserving the history and legacy of our departed?

Read the full call at https://online.ucpress.edu/DocumentLibrary/TPH/CFP%20cemetaries%20special%20issue.pdf.