November 9, 2023

WWII Heritage Cities Criteria Webinar Series

Join historian Dr. Laura Oviedo, author of four essays exploring the National Park Service’s criteria for establishing World War II Heritage Cities, to learn about the criteria for purposes of applications and evaluation by Park Service staff. Register to receive the Zoom links for all four webinars at

The criteria, selected by Congress, will be used to evaluate applications for Heritage Cities. This is part of a larger collaboration between NPS, NCPH, and other organizations working together to provide a better understanding of the World War II home front in the United States.

The webinar schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, November 28, 4:00 pm Eastern – Criteria 3: War Bond Drives

Wednesday, November 29, 4:00 pm Eastern – Criteria 4: Adaptations to Wartime Survival

Thursday, November 30, 4:00 pm Eastern – Criteria 5: Volunteer Participation

Friday, December 1, 4:00 pm Eastern – Criteria 10: Diversification of the American WWII Home Front Workforce

These presentations follow the series of six presented in September 2023; recordings of those webinars can be found on YouTube.