Submitted digital projects are reviewed by NCPH’s Digital Media Group, and must meet all of the following criteria for inclusion in the Digital Projects Directory: 

  1. Does this project focus on the analysis, interpretation, or presentation of historical subject matter?
  2. Does this project leverage digital tools or resources (ie, interactives, audio/visuals, mapping, graphing, textual analysis, crowd-source transcription software, etc.)?
  3. Does this project target a public audience (ie, students, researchers (academic and non-academic), educators, museum audiences, etc.)?
  4. Is this project open-access? That is, is it behind a paywall? Qualifying projects may not be behind paywalls of any kind.

If you have questions, contact [email protected]

The first sentences of your description will display in the Project Preview Card

Defined as the institution paying for server space.

Permanent, stable links preferred. Please include the https://

Will not be displayed publicly.

Description of labor and support for the project and estimated labor time from creation to finish (ex: was it created as a class project?)

Oral History, Images, Artifacts, Sound, Text, Teacher Resources, Crowdsourcing, Mapping, Networks, etc.

LGBTQ+, African American, Latinx, Indigenous, Early America, World War II, Women, Veterans, European History, Enlightenment, Modern History, etc.
We suggest using the Library of Congress authority headings for consistency:

English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.

Select all that apply

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