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"Against All Odds" tells the stories of the first African American men - over 150 in all - to serve as Mississippi's state and national legislators. Features photographs, short biographies, quoted excerpts from primary and secondary sources, and almost 1000 fully transcribed and cross-linked newspaper clippings and other documents. This is an ongoing research project.

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African American, Mississippi, Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)

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Images, Text

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DeeDee Baldwin



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Mississippi State University

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The site represents many months of searching records and newspapers, saving and uploading newspaper clippings to both Wordpress and the library's Omeka mirror site, transcribing every newspaper clipping, cross-linking names, writing biographical information, adding metadata to the Omeka site, etc.

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The site is also available as an Omeka digital exhibit for Mississippi State University Libraries (