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Colonial Virginia Portraits is an interactive database of oil portraits with a documented history in Virginia or featuring colonial Virginia subjects painted before ca. 1776. This includes portraits painted in both the colonies and abroad. While most subjects are colonists, there are also records of portraits of family, friends, and officials from England or elsewhere that hung in Virginia homes. It also includes portraits of colonial Virginians that were sent or left abroad. The database does not include miniature portraits, prints, or public commissions of public figures, such as the portraits of the monarchs that hung in government buildings. Instead, the emphasis of this project is on domestic portraiture.

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early American history

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Omohundro Institute with Janine Yorimoto Boldt



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Omohundro Institute

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Colonial Virginia Portraits represents the primary resources collected by Janine Yorimoto Boldt that inform her scholarship on the topic of portraiture in early colonial Virginia. Since 2015, she has gathered information regarding colonial Virginia portraits from museum collections, archives, and a variety of published sources. The Omohundro Institute provided funds and infrastructure for the design and execution of a dedicated website to display the work.