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In colonial North Carolina, the livelihood and survival of many people revolved around deer. As war concluded in 1761 with an uneasy peace, hunting and trade flourished, but competition over deer foreshadowed future conflict. Using John Collet's 1770 map of North Carolina, this storymap illustrates interactions in the deerskin trade from 1761-1771. Learn about the experiences of diverse people involved in the deerskin trade, from Cherokee leader Ostenaco, to Moravian Reverend Johann Ettwein, to the hunter Daniel Boone. Explore the deerskin trade across North Carolina, from coastal ports such as Beaufort, to the western trading center of Bethabara, to the contested Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Early America, Indigenous, Environmental

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Stuart H. Marshall



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  • KnightLab StoryMap, QGIS, Mapbox

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This project began as research conducted in a Digital History course at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It was further developed for Historic Bethabara Park. This storymap took several months to create, and is continuously updated with more map locations and sources.

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Created for Historic Bethabara Park Use of 1754 Hoeger map courtesy of Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts