In 2018, NCPH and the IUPUI Public History Program partnered with the Organization for American Historians (OAH) on their Amplified Initiative. With the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, OAH aimed to expand the conversations happening at their 2018 Annual Meeting beyond the event.

IUPUI Public History graduate students attended sessions at the 2018 OAH Annual Meeting and conducted interviews with presenters. These students then compiled the audio recordings of the sessions, the interviews, and supporting articles, resources, and discussion questions into three modules.

The three modules below are free to use. They are a great way to access the conversations happening in the public history field. The module approach to the content, with discussion questions and activities included, makes them particularly valuable for students and educators.

Below is a link to each module, and a description of the sessions and interviews included in each one.  You’ll need to make an account and sign in to access all the content.

 Career Paths for Public Historians 

Overview of Careers in History
Large-Scale Exhibit Development
  • Session Audio: “Creating History Exhibitions at National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • Interview: Michele Gates Moresi, NMAAHC
Community Engagement in Exhibit Development
  • Session Audio: “Bringing Latina History to the Public”
  • Interview: Anthea Hartig, California Historical Society
Documentary Editing
  • Session Audio: “Documentary Editions and the Future of Digital History”
  • Interview: Tenisha Armstrong, Marin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
Writing History for the Public
  • Session Audio: “Historians Writing for the Public”

 Training public Historians 

Women in Public History: Issues, Reflections, Trajectories
  • Interview: Sarah Case, University of California, Santa Barbara
Intersections Digital and Public: Emerging Perspectives on Digital Pedagogy, Scholarship, and Audience Engagement
  • Session Audio: “Intersections Digital and Public”
  • Interview: Tom Scheinfeldt, University of Connecticut
What do Public History Employers Want?: Reports and Reactions from the Field
  • Session Audio: “What Do Public History Employers Want?”
  • Interview: Erin Devlin, University of Mary Washington

Arming and Engaging citizens 

Doing immigration History in the Present Political Climate
  • Session Audio: “Doing Immigration History in the Present Political Climate”
  • Interview: Jack Chin, Davis School of Law at the University of California, and John O’Keefe, of Ohio University-Chillicothe
Confederate Monuments: What to Do?
  • Session Audio: “Confederate Monuments: What to Do?”
  • Interview: Turkiya Lowe, National Park Service
Arming Citizens: Public Historians and Civic Engagement
  • Session Audio: “Arming Citizens: Public Historians and Civic Engagement”
  • Interview: Heather Huyck, National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites
Playing with the Past: Children’s Museums
  • Session Audio: “Playing with the Past: Children’s Museums”
  • Interview: Stephanie Cunningham, Museum Hue