Conference Materials

This is a page for materials generated during and after the 2018 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

If you would like to contribute notes, tweets, blogposts, photos, or other items, email us at [email protected]

  • The conference hashtag was #ncph2018.  Here it is on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
  • Check out our photos from the week on Flickr. (Thank you to all the volunteers who photographed throughout the conference!)


  • S1. Public Histories of PovertyTwitter thread from Lacey Wilson
  • S3. Documenting Resilience: Condolence Collection Projects in the Wake of Violence – media coverage of the session from KNPR and the Las Vegas Sun
  • S21. Coalition Building for Shared Political Power Twitter thread from Lacey Wilson
  • S48. Extending the Power of Public History Through the Open Access Digital Publishing — notes taken during the session
  • S51. The Public History of the Flint Water Crisis — session tweets compiled by Andrea Burns
  • S59. Visual History: History Told Through the Graphic Novel — twitter thread from Lacey Wilson
  • S3. Documenting Resilience: Condolence Collection Projects in
    the Wake of Violence and S10. Exhibiting Sorrow: Memorial Tributes to Victims and
    Community Healing in the Wake of ViolenceSession recordings and additional materials from both sessions, compiled by Ashley Maynor

Working Groups


  • “Flexibility or Stability?: Reflecting on NCPH 2018” —post meeting recap by Rachel Boyle
  • Reflections on the Meeting — Twitter thread from Lacey Wilson
  • “NCPH 2018: Where Do We Go From Here?” — reflection on the conference by Nick Sacco
  • NCPH 2018 Reflection — reflection on the conference from KnowHistory staff
  • “Long Live the idea that historians should be advocates”reflection on the conference from Hope Shannon

Other Materials

  • Breaking Barriers in Public Storytellingtweets from the public plenary compiled by Adriel Luis
  • Response to the Plenary —Twitter response from plenary speaker Adriel Luis