All are invited to “attend” the Twitter mini-con and discuss “(Re)Active Public History” on October 18 and 19. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to help you participate:

  • If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, please check out this guide from Liz Covart.
  • Once you have a Twitter account, start by following @ncph and the presenters. You can find presenter twitter handles on the schedule, or in this Twitter list.
  • Before and during the conference, the best way to participate is by following #NCPHactive. On Twitter, you can search for #NCPHactive and see the latest tweets. Other platforms like Hoosuite and Tweetdeck allow you to create a separate column of tweets to follow the hashtag in real time.
  • Start engaging before the conference by tweeting about the presentations you’re looking forward to seeing. Tag the presenter and use #NCPHactive!
  • The schedule is in Eastern Time— if you’re in another time zone, make sure to convert the time!
  • During the conference, the @ncph account will introduce each presenter and retweet the first tweet of each presentation. Many of the presenters will be “threading” their tweets. To read threads, click on the first tweet, and all of the subsequent tweets will open below it.
  • Engage with the presenters! The second half of each presentation is reserved for discussion. We encourage you ask questions and retweet your favorite parts of each presentation. Don’t forget to tag the presenter and add #NCPHactive to all of your tweets!
  • We encourage all participants to update their Twitter bios to include the pronouns they would like others to use when referring to them. Please use these pronouns when talking to or about people.
  • On Friday, day 2 of the conference, we will be having a Project Showcase from 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET. Use the hashtag #NCPHactive and share your projects, research, thoughts, or questions around the theme “(Re)Active Public History”.

If you’re a presenter, check out our presenters’ guide.

Planning to follow along? Tweet using the #NCPHactive hashtag before the event and we’ll add you to our Twitter list of “attendees.”