This statement articulates a set of values we share as members of the National Council on Public History. These values are the foundation of public historians’ approach to their work both as representatives of our organization and as individuals in the field. These values are also aspirational, guiding our organization’s mission and vision for the future.

Shared Values and Ethical Commitments of Public Historians

Practicing Respect and Inclusiveness
We seek to develop and maintain respectful, fair, inclusive, and considerate professional relationships with colleagues and members of the public. We strive to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the profession and its publics. We also practice public history that is culturally, socially, and economically diverse and inclusive.

Working With Communities
We embrace the equality-based principle of co-creation and seek to facilitate community control of intellectual and material resources. Communities participating in public history must receive appropriate credit and benefits for sharing their stories. We continually evaluate the implications of our work and are committed to just and equitable forms of public history practice.

Stewarding Resources Responsibly and Equitably
We advocate for historically disadvantaged communities to receive the necessary resources to do historical work. We advocate for equitable and respectful inclusion and representation of historically disadvantaged people in content, programming, scholarship, and employment.

Opposing Discrimination and Harassment in All Forms
We oppose discrimination or harassment in any form. Discrimination is defined in the NCPH Events Code of Conduct.

Advancing Diversity
We are committed to increasing the inclusiveness of the public history profession and seek to advance diversity in all forms of programming and collaboration. We bring people from underrepresented groups into the profession and leadership roles in professional organizations.

Educating the Public and Future Public Historians
We disseminate historical knowledge through a variety of mediums and take seriously our responsibility to educate the public and future public historians.

Commitment to Truth and Academic Rigor
We support the free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas and are committed to upholding the truth in all aspects of our work. We also seek to maintain a high level of academic rigor in all aspects of public history practice.

Adopted by the Board of Directors of the National Council on Public History, April 10, 2024