NCPH News and conference updates April 10, 2013 – New feature of the public history journal of record



  • New Online Feature of the Public History Journal of Record.  These “(p)reviews,” as we’re dubbing them, will inaugurate what we hope will be a growing partnership between The Public Historian and the Public History Commons.
  • New Opposition to Old Sports Mascots.  Jim Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me, points out how “Otherizing other people by naming teams ‘for’ them does not help…nor does ‘honoring’ American Indians as mascots help us remember American Indian history as it was.”
  • Anger Over Plan to Sell Site of Wounded Knee MassacreNew York Times story.


  • Last-minute NCPH Conference Rides and Roommates. Attending the NCPH conference in Ottawa next week and still in search of a ride-share or roommate? Visit the Public History Commons News section to post a request.
  • Winners of the 2013 NCPH Youtube Video Contest Have Been Chosen!  Join us at Saturday morning’s Awards Breakfast and Business meeting to find out who they are!  A limited number of tickets will be available onsite for the breakfast if you haven’t made your purchase yet.
  • Wikipedia and Women’s History Site: A Mini-Editathon  Join the National Collaborative of Women’s History Sites during the NCPH in Ottawa (Friday, 1:30-3pm, Seigniory Room) to explore the possibility of a Wikipedia edit-athon on women’s history sites.  Drop in and learn what editing involves, suggest edits, and otherwise connect to what we hope will be a larger effort to improve women’s history on Wikipedia.
  • A Roaming We Will Go.  If you’re traveling from outside Canada, don’t forget to check with your cell/smartphone carrier about temporarily upgrading your plan to cover your roaming charges.
  • Ottawa’s Coolest Indie Food Guide. Do yourself a flavour and check out these delicious photos and fun restaurant suggestions.


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