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Student Awards

Student Project Award

2015 Winner“The Lost Museum,” Lily Benedict, Elizabeth Crawford Kathrinne Duffy, Sophia LaCava-Bohanan, Jessica Palinski, Rebecca Soules, and Jamie Topper, Brown University; Raina Belleau, Layla Eshan, and Kristen Orr, Rhode Island School of Design

Honorable Mention
“Push and Pull: Eastern European and Russian Migration to the Cape Fear Region,” Beth Bullock, Jayd Buteaux, and Leslie Randle-Morton, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

This award recognizes the contributions of student work to the field of public history. The student author(s) of the winning entry will receive a travel grant ($500) at the awards breakfast to help underwrite attendance at the NCPH annual meeting (for 2016 the meeting will be in Baltimore, Maryland, March 16-19). Award winners receive complimentary registration for the awards breakfast.To be eligible for consideration, an applicant or nominee must meet the following criteria:

1. The project must be the work of one or more students enrolled in a public history program at the time the project was completed, and have been completed within the two academic years preceding the date of submission.

2. The project must have been initiated as academic coursework, then subsequently have been recognized beyond the classroom as a contribution to public history. (Examples: a class assignment exhibit design later installed as a public display; an oral history project accessioned into an established oral history collection; historic preservation research accepted as a working document by a preservation agency).

3. The sponsoring faculty member or academic institution must be a member of NCPH.

Submission Process.

Submit a cover sheet and a two-page written description of the project explaining its methods, conclusions, and significance for public history. Include appropriate supporting materials, such as written text, graphics, photographs, audio/video tapes, printed materials, etc. Materials will not be returned. NOMINATIONS SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL IN ONE COMPLETE MS WORD OR PDF DOCUMENT ARE ENCOURAGED.

Endorsements must include the following:

1. A letter from the project’s faculty sponsor, explaining the relationship of the project to the student(s) coursework, evaluating the project as a contribution to public history, and verifying the applicant’s status as a full-time student at the time the project was undertaken.

2. A letter from the institution, which accepted the project, explaining the relationship between the institution and the student(s) and how the project helped to advance the institution’s public history mission.

Send a cover sheet and a copy of all materials, including endorsement letters, to each of the Student Project Award Committee members and one to the NCPH executive office at:  NCPH, 127 Cavanaugh Hall – IUPUI, 425 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Clearly mark each submission, “NCPH Student Project Award.”  If emailed, nominations must be sent in ONE complete document (MS Word or a PDF).

Notification will be sent to award winners in late January 2015.  This award includes a free ticket to the awards breakfast, so graduate students who plan to apply for this award should refrain from registering for this event until notification is received regarding the status of the application.  Notification will be given prior to the deadline for early conference registration.

Submissions must be received (not postmarked) no later than December 1, 2015.  Late submissions will not be considered.  Please note that materials will not be returned.

Questions?; (317) 274-2716

Graduate Student Travel Award

2015 Winners Erin Benard– Temple University
Ashley Rose Creegan
– West Virginia University
Emily Pipes
– University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Nicolette Rohr
– University of California, Riverside
Jennifer Whitmer Taylor
– University of South Carolina

The Graduate Student Travel Award provides assistance with conference travel costs for graduate student members who have a paper, poster, or other presentation accepted for inclusion in the program of the NCPH annual meeting (for 2016 the meeting will be in Baltimore, Maryland, March 16-19). Five travel awards of $300 each will be given annually. In addition, each travel award winner will receive a complimentary ticket to the award breakfast.All currently-enrolled graduate students who have had presentations accepted for the meeting are invited to apply for the award by submitting a short form, including a travel budget, along with a copy of the conference presentation abstract, a c.v., and narrative.  Proof of current enrollment will be required.

Election will be based primarily on the merit of the planned presentation. No student may win more than one travel award during the tenure of his or her graduate program.  Winners will be encouraged, though not required, to seek matching funds from their home institutions.

Award decisions will be made by the NCPH Student Project and Travel Awards Committee.  Recipients will receive a check and a certificate during the awards breakfast at the annual meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants must have had a paper, poster, or other presentation accepted for inclusion in the program of the NCPH annual meeting for which they seek a travel award. Students applying for a poster session may submit a travel award application (both are due by December 1) with the understanding that their travel award application will be considered only if their poster session proposal is accepted.  Please do not submit a combined poster and travel award proposal.  Submit each separately.
2. The paper, poster, or presentation abstract must be of exceptional quality.
3.  Applicants must be a current member of NCPH.
4. Applicants must be a currently-enrolled MA or PhD student doing research and/or practice that is recognizably public history.
5. Applicants must not have received an NCPH Travel Award in the past.

Submission Process – Email submissions only.
Application materials should be emailed no later than December 1, 2014 to each of the Student Travel Award Committee members and to State “Graduate Student Travel Award” clearly in the subject line. Applications must be sent in ONE complete document (Word or PDF) to each of the committee members and to the NCPH Executive Office.

A complete application consists of:
1. Signed and completed application form
2. Copy of the abstract submitted for the annual meeting regular session or poster session
3. Copy of applicant’s c.v./resume including the following information: education, honors/awards, publications, and public history research and/or experience
4. A narrative of no more than 500 words that addresses/clarifies the following:
a) the original contribution the applicant will make to the session or poster.
b) the specific argument the applicant will be posing in the session or poster
c) the significance of the applicant’s original contribution to the field of public history, broadly defined
d) a brief narrative explaining financial need

Notification will be sent to award winners in late January 2014.  This award includes a free ticket to the awards breakfast, so graduate students who plan to apply for the travel awards should refrain from registering for this event until notification is received regarding the status of the application.  Notification will be given prior to the deadline for early conference registration.

Submissions must be received no later than December 1, 2015.  Late submissions will not be considered.

Questions?; (317) 274-2716

A challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities makes possible our expanding awards program and other uses of earned income on the NCPH endowment. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Past Student Project Award Winners

2014- Caitlin R. (Sjaarda) Phillips, “Painting Sites Trail Guide, Central Connecticut State University/Weir Farm National Historic Site”

2013- Sarah Cloutier, Ellen Kuhn, Shawna Prather, and Ashley Wyatt, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, “The Terra Cotta Community History Project”

2012-Erica Hague and Jennifer Clark Scott, University of North Carolina-Wilimington-“Flashback: Community Life through the Lens of Mack Munn, 1940-1960
Honorable Mention: Michelle Antenesse and Bethany Girod, California State University, Fullerton-“New Birth of Freedom: Civil War to Civil Rights in California

2011- Morgan Hubbard, University of Massachusetts Amherst – “Uncertain Futures: Americans and Science Fiction in the Early Cold War Era, 1945-1965” Exhibit

2010-Rachael Binning, Elizabeth Manekin, and Aliza Schiff, Brown University-“Faces of Fox Point: A Community History Project
Honorable Mention:  Miriam Farris, Christopher Jordan, and Ethan Moore, University of North Carolina at Greensboro-“Threads in Greensboro’s Past”

2009-Hannah Howard and Kristen Foster, University of North Carolina Charlotte – “History at Light Speed: Discovering Charlotte’s Northeast Corridor”

2008-Santi Thompson, University of South Carolina–“The LGBTQ Archive at the South Caroliniana Library”

2007-Amy Canfield, Chris Allan, Cara Kaser, Marc Entze, George Means, Lee O’Connor, and Susan Schultz, Washington State University–“Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Park Assessments”

2006-Amanda Jones, Bethany Natali, and Nancy Germano, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis–“Cultural Heritage Trail Project: The West Street Corridor”

2005-John Cristiansen, Rebekah Dobrasko, and Beth Wiedower, University of South Carolina–Richmond Railway Station Project, North Yorkshire, England

2004-Deena Booth, Lara Cullinane-Smith, Jennifer Dickey, Laura Drummond, Jeffrey Jensen, Linda Orr King, Sabrina Meneghello, Rachel Quartarone, Andrew Reisinger, Laurie Sedicino, Beth Watson, and Erin Whittemore, Georgia State University–the interpretive history exhibition, “Rich’s: The Store That Married a City”

2003-Ben Baughman, Steve Biljan, Michael Brown, Matthew Hansbury, Jeffrey Johnson, Jon Middaugh, Caureen Miller, Gwen Pattison, Steve Shay, and Bryce Spencer, Washington State University–Campbell House Interpretive Program in co-operation with Washington State University and the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

2002-Ray Rast and Connie Walker, University of Washington-Seattle–NHL Nomination, Eagledale Ferry Dock, Bainbridge Island, Washington

2001-Debra DeRuyver, Jennifer Evans, James Melzer, Emma Wilmer, University of Maryland–The Public History Resource Center web page

2000-Susan Asbury and Kathy Hilliard, University of South Carolina–Kiplin Hall Conservation Plan, North Yorkshire, England

First presented in 1999 to Jane C. Wehrey, California State University-Fullerton–“Voices From This Long Brown Land: Oral Reflections of Owens Valley Lives and Manzanar Pasts”

Past Student Travel Award Winners

2014– Jeff Corrigan, University of Missouri; Emily Hopkins, Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY Oneonta; Lauren Mojkowski, University of South Carolina; Larua Pearce, Loyola University Chicago; Hannah Schmidl, Arizona State

2013-Laura Arata, Washington State University; Celia James, University of South Carolina; Laura Keller, Arizona State University; Amanda Noll, University of South Carolina; Megan Southern, University of South Carolina

2012-Kate Freedman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Jordan Grant, American University; Jee-Yeon (Jay) Kim, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Evan Medley, Arizona State University; and Maggie Schreiner, New York University

2011-Charlotte Egerton, UNC-Wilmington; Paula Hunt, University of Missouri-Columbia; Sarah McCormick, University of California Riverside); Angela Sirna, West Virginia University; and Joan Frangaszy Troyano, George Washington University

2010-Susan Ashley, York University; Jennifer Carpenter, University of Maryland College Park; Miriam Farris, University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Tyler DeWayne Moore, Middle Tennessee State University; and Ashley Whitehead, West Virginia University