Eat and Engage

Looking for a low-key, low-cost way to experience Baltimore’s restaurant scene? Participate in one of our Dine Arounds or our new Out to Lunch program!

Dine Arounds

We’re looking for volunteers to propose topics for Dine Arounds on Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 pm. Volunteers pick the focus for a dinner conversation, select a nearby restaurant (see the lists of recommendations here and on page 8 of the Program), make dinner reservations, and agree to lead their group to dinner. Participants simply stop by the conference registration desk to sign up for their chosen dine around. Space is limited, but it’s free; participants cover the cost of their own dinner. Email NCPH at [email protected] to suggest a topic by February 17, 2015.

Past topics included:

  • Beyond Superfund Sites and Polluted Rivers: Intersections of Public History and Environmental History Museums, Nashville, 2015
  • Can (and should) Public History Organizations Promote Social Change? , Nashville, 2015
  • Science, History, and the Public: Building a Public History of STEM Partnership, Monterey, 2014
  • Going Solo; Going Digital: Doing History without a Bricks and Mortar Institution, Ottawa, 2013
  • Interpreting Women’s History at Historic Sites (National Women’s History Collaborative), Ottawa, 2013

Out to Lunch

Are you new to the conference or looking to meet your fellow public historians in a relaxed atmosphere? Out to Lunch is our new program designed to get conference attendees out and about in Baltimore while getting to know each other. We’re facilitating a general lunch on Thursday as well as a lunch on Friday geared towards graduate students. Both lunches are great for first-time attendees and NCPH conference veterans alike. Attendees will be placed in groups of 4-5 composed of public historians from an array of experiences. These groups will then work together to select a lunch venue, cost of lunch is paid by individuals. For more information on both Out to Lunch programs, click here.

Please note that anyone signing up for Out to Lunch after March 1st, 2016 will be placed in their group onsite in Baltimore.

For a list of restaurants within walking distance of the conference hotel, click here.