Conference Material

This is a page for materials generated during and after the 2016 Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

If you would like to contribute notes, links, or other items, email us at [email protected]

panel sessions

  • “Diamonds in the Rough: The National Park Service’s Postwar Turn Towards Poverty, Pollution, and Urban Planning (S5) — post meeting blog recap and tweet link by Angela Sirna
  • Re-Interpreting Relevance: Preservation, Herstory, and the Challenge to the Traditional Narrative” (S14) —Storified tweets by Monica Mercado
  • “Public Historians of Color: Challenging the Profession” (S29) — Storified tweets by Amber N. Mitchell
  • “Early American Historians and the Pursuit of an Inclusive Past” (S33) — Storified tweets by Megan Brett
  • “The Underappreciated Audience: Children’s Museums and Public History” (S67) — Storified tweets by Monica Mercado
  • “After Charleston: Exploring the Fate of Confederate Monuments in America” (S69) — Storified tweets by @RealConductor_X and blog post by Joan M. Zenzen

working groups

  • “Museums and Civic Discourse: Past, Present & Emerging Futures” (WG2) — Storified tweets by Rachel Feinmark
  • “Campus History as Public History” (WG5) — Notes and Storified tweets by Monica L. Mercado

other materials

  • #HistoryInMyImage Twitter chat organized by NCPH Diversity Task ForceStorified tweets by Brian Joyner