Registration Information

Registration for NCPH 2022 closed on may 1, 2022.

Post-conference access to session recordings will be available beginning May 9, and the Program is available here.


Flat Rate (open through May 1)
General NCPH Member $105
Student  $49
General Nonmember $135
Community Participant 

Because we had to pivot our in-person content in December due to continuing uncertainty about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, we’re still finalizing the program and adding special committee-hosted events as they are confirmed. Special events and networking events which require additional registration may be added in the coming months. You can always add an event to your registration: 
Click here to log in, then select the “My Events” option from the menu bar on the left, and then click “Add Sessions” to your 2022 annual meeting registration.

Student registrations must be completed with the name of the student’s institution and advisor.

The underemployed and community participant rate is a catchall rate for any non-student who needs to register at the lower price-point. This includes anyone who is underemployed or unemployed due to COVID-19 and its effects on the public history field; attendees who are joining us from a field adjacent to public history or history; attendees who do grassroots public history work; and presenters on sessions who are representing community partner organizations for conversations about a project. In short, if using this fee will make it possible to attend, please select it, no questions asked.

We thank those of you who register at the general rate, which makes it possible for us to offer lower rates for those who need them! 

Refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected] no later than April 1, 2022.

  • For presenters who registered in 2021 only: 80% refund of registration fee, or a 100% refund of the difference between your in-person and virtual-only registration fee, will be issued if your refund request is received by February 1, 2022. (The 20% covers the substantial administrative costs associated with refunds, including credit card fees and staff time.)
  • For all attendees: 50% refund of registration fee will be issued if your refund request is received before March 1, 2022.
  • 25% refund of registration fee will be issued if your refund request is received between March 2 and April 1, 2022.
  • No refunds will be issued for requests received after April 1.

Want to register a group and pay in one invoice?
Email the NCPH office: [email protected]

Registration FAQ

Q1: When do I need to register?
A1: Any presenters who have yet to register should do so by February 15, 2022. General attendees can register until May 1, 2022, but to ensure access to sessions and events on Monday, May 2, please plan to register by Thursday, April 28, 2022. 

Q2: How do I know which registration rate is the right one?
A2:  If you’re a student, select the student rate. If you’re in between public history employment; if you work for a very small, critically under-funded, or grassroots organization; if you’ve been furloughed or had your hours reduced due to COVID-19 and its spiraling effect on our field; or if you are a community participant outside the public history field, you are welcome to make use of the Underfunded/Community Participant rate. We won’t be checking, so if you need this lower rate to attend the conference, either in-person or virtually, please use it.  If none of the these apply, you’ll want the general registration rate. If you’re an NCPH member, a lower registration rate will automatically apply; if you’re not a member, the non-member rate will automatically apply. We’re deeply grateful to those who pay this regular rate, because it helps us to set lower rates for the people who need it most, opening up professional development and networking opportunities to more of our public history community.  

Q3: What does my registration fee cover?
A3: You’ll get access to all concurrent and breakout sessions at the virtual conference; access to all virtual common areas, like the exhibit hall, the poster showcase, and networking spaces; and post-conference recording access. This covers the majority of conference content! 

Q4:  What if I want to pay for the registrations of several attendees? Or, what if multiple attendees from my institution want to register and our employer wants to pay for all of us in one payment?
A5: This is what we call a group registration, and we can arrange it! Instead of registering via the online portal, please email Program Manager Meghan Hillman at [email protected]. You’ll be directed to a separate form where you can provide your registration information without immediate payment, and give us instructions for who to invoice for the group and how they’d like to pay.  

Q5: How can I add an event to my registration later?
A5: Because we’re still confirming some virtual events, we’ll likely be adding a few to the registration portal in the coming weeks. The good news is that you can add these to your registration easily, by logging into your account via, clicking “My Events” on the left-hand sidebar, selecting NCPH 2022, and clicking “Add sessions.” You can also contact NCPH at [email protected] and we can add events to your registration for you. 

(Note: our registration portal uses the term “sessions” to refer to extra paid events, which for NCPH includes workshops, tours, and any attendance-restricted event we need a separate head-count for. This is confusing because at most conferences, including ours, we use “sessions” to refer to the concurrent sessions. Unfortunately, we can’t change it in our system! Just know that access to concurrent sessions comes with your base registration purchase.)

Q6. I know I have an account in the NCPH database. Why can’t I log in?
A6. If you’re an NCPH member, you’ve ever been an NCPH member, or you’ve ever attended an NCPH conference or other event in the past, you almost certainly already have an account in our database! If you’re having trouble logging in and the database won’t let you reset your password, please email us at [email protected] so we can reset your password for you. (Our database recently established stricter rules for password security, which is causing some issues with the password reset system.)

Q7. I got all the way through the registration process, and then I got an error message. Do I have to register again?
A7. Likely no! Particularly during times of high-volume registration, such as around deadlines, a few people see this error message, but their registrations still went through. You should get a confirmation email within half an hour of registering; if you don’t see a confirmation email, email us at [email protected] so we can check on your registration to make sure it processed successfully.

Q8. I want to join NCPH and register for the conference at the same time (or renew my membership). Can I?
A8. Yes! All you need to do is complete your conference registration and add it to your cart. Then, before you check out, go back to the Shopping page via the left-hand sidebar and add the membership to your cart. Once you proceed to the payment page, you will see that you’ve received the member rate for your registration, and you can purchase both together. 

You can also donate to NCPH’s Annual Fund in the same purchase as your registration, via the same process. Donations to our Annual Fund help support our day-to-day operations and enable, among many other things, our ability to be more flexible with registration rates to make the conference more accessible to students, underemployed public historians, and community participants.

The National Council on Public History expects everyone who participates in the virtual NCPH 2022 to adhere to the NCPH Events Code of Conduct.  If you have questions about this code of conduct, adopted by the NCPH Board of Directors on November 6, 2018, please email [email protected].