Conference Materials

This is a page for materials generated during and after the 2023 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

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S38. Food and the Senses: Embodied Experiences as Public History


W7. From Project to Print: Academic Writing and Publishing for Public Historians


WG8. American Girl Dolls and Public History

WG10. Uniting Public History and End-of-Life Care

WG11. Facilitating Difficult Conversations in an Age of Political Polarization


Future Visioning: A Collaborative Inquiry and Activation with The Incluseum

  • Google slides from the facilitators (Porchia Moore, Rose Paquet, and Alethia Wittman), including designs uploaded by participants

Public Plenary: “After the Party It’s the Waffle House: Interpreting and Preserving the Hip Hop South”

Keynote: “In the Making: Turning an Idea into a Movement”